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Data Publishers
How it works

How the Data Publisher Works

The Data Publisher feature works by establishing a connection between our system and your preferred third-party service. It enables the transmission of relevant events from our system to the selected publisher in real-time.

Getting started

Here's a simplified overview of how the integration works:

Credentials Setup

Begin by providing the necessary credentials for each data publisher. These credentials may vary depending on the publisher. Refer to the respective setup guides for detailed instructions on acquiring and adding the credentials.

Test Connection

After setting up the credentials, you can test the connection to ensure that our system can successfully communicate with the publisher's API. This step helps verify the accuracy of the provided credentials and ensures a smooth data transfer.

Select Events

Once the connection is established, you can choose which specific events you want to send to each data publisher. Tailor the event selection according to your business requirements and the insights you seek from the respective services.

Start/Pause Streaming

With the events selected, you can initiate the streaming process to start sending the chosen events to the respective publishers. Additionally, you have the flexibility to pause the streaming whenever required, giving you control over the data flow.

By following these steps, you can leverage the Data Publisher feature to integrate seamlessly with third-party services and optimize your data analysis capabilities.

Next, let's dive into the specific setup, testing, event selection, and streaming instructions for each supported publisher: Google Analytics 4, Mixpanel, and Braze.