🎉 Welcome to beta release.


Points are more than just numbers—they're a powerful tool for driving user behavior and fostering engagement. In this overview, we'll guide you through everything you need to know to integrate our points system into your applications. Let's embark on this journey together!

How it Works

Let's dive into how you can obtain an access token to call the point API and receive a callback message for the processing result.

  1. Request Access Token: As a developer, you start by requesting an access token from the Authentication Server.
  2. Receive Access Token: The Authentication Server verifies your credentials and sends back an access token.
  3. Make API Call: Armed with the access token, you make an API call to the ABC API to perform your desired action.
  4. Verify Access Token: Upon receiving the API call, the ABC API verifies the access token with the Authentication Server to ensure it's valid and authorized.
  5. Authorized Access: If the access token is valid, the Authentication Server confirms authorization, allowing the ABC API to proceed with the request.
  6. Receive HTTP Response: The ABC API processes your request and sends back an HTTP response with a status code to inform you of the outcome.
  7. Callback Message: After processing your request, the ABC API sends a callback message to the Callback Server to notify you of the completion or any relevant updates.
  8. Receive Callback Message: Finally, the Callback Server forwards the callback message to you, providing important updates or confirming the completion of your request.