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API Overview

API Overview

Welcome to the API Overview page for ABC. Here, you'll find essential information about our APIs, including authentication endpoints, REST API endpoints, and details about API responses.

URL Endpoint

ABC provides a set of APIs to integrate with our platform seamlessly. Whether you're developing for staging or production environments, our APIs offer robust f unctionality to meet your needs.

Endpoint TypeStagingProduction
Authenticationhttps://abc-auth-stg.abc-dev.network (opens in a new tab)https://auth.ascendbit.network (opens in a new tab)
REST APIhttps://api-stg.abc-dev.network (opens in a new tab)https://abc-api.ascendbit.network (opens in a new tab)

API Response

When you make an API request to ABC, the server will respond with a standard HTTP response code to indicate whether the request was successful or not.

Successful Response

  • HTTP Status Code: 200 or 202
  • Description: The API request was successful or accepted.

Error Response

However, if there was an error with your request, you'll receive a response with an error message and a "details" field that says "error". You should check the error message to understand the issue and troubleshoot it accordingly.

  "error": "invalid_input",
  "details": [

HTTP status code summary

200OK - The API request was successful.
202Accepted - The API request has been received and accepted for processing. The requested action will be completed asynchronously.
400Bad Request - The API request was invalid or malformed, likely due to missing a required parameter.
401Unauthorized - The API request did not provide a valid API key.
402Request Failed - The API request failed, even though the parameters were valid.
403Forbidden - The API key provided does not have permission to perform the requested action.
404Not Found - The requested resource or endpoint does not exist.
409Conflict - The API request conflicts with another request, such as using the same idempotent key.
429Too Many Requests - The API request was rate-limited due to too many requests being made too quickly. It is recommended to use exponential backoff for subsequent requests.
500, 502, 503, 504Server Errors - Something went wrong on the server side of the ABC API.